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文章来源: 所属分类:誉胜注册代理 阅读: 日期:2012-10-18 14:32:43
 上海誉胜商务服务有限公司是经工商认证获得企业登记注册的代理机构,在国内外提供多样性注册登记代理,涵盖国内外企业,同时与许多政府部门及经济园区和一些信息中心建立了广泛而紧密的合作关系, 是上海知名的企业登记注册的代理机构。
公司自2006年创建以来,一直通过海内外强大充足的信息资源优势为创业的您提供更好的服务, 海内外公司注册地点的比较、各个城区优惠政策的比较、公司实际经营地点的选择、公司变更、公司经营问题的解决建议等。竭诚为客户提供量身定制的服务。

Yu Sheng Enterprise(Hereinafter referred to as Yu Sheng)We are by the industry and Commerce certification to obtain the enterprise registration agency. At home and abroad to provide a variety of agency services. At the same time with many government departments and economic zone to establish some information center, extensive and close relations of cooperation. In Shanghai is well-known nterprises registered agency company.
The company set up in 2006 to create,Have been at home and abroad through strong enough information resources for entrepreneurs to provide you with better service. Domestic and foreign companies register locations, each the city zone preferential policy comparison comparison of actual operation, the choice of location, the company change, the company manages a problem solutions and so on. Dedication to customers to provide customized services.
We are very understanding in Chinese company set up in cost and time , We can be for you and your customers to simplify procedures. In order to save you valuable time that you can pay more attention to your business. With our other people of different places. We can provide you complete the registration of all required documents and procedures for examination and approval, so that you can in the shortest possible time range will company founded.
Providing registration services follow the basic principles to: provide not only theoretical proposal and viable solutions, Provide effective services, No matter when, strictly fulfill the commitment to integrity.
The team's purpose: professional, efficient, the credibility of the first.Union is strength, We will have our wills unite like a fortress. For your dedication to provide registration planning services.
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